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Conditions of membership

Becoming a temporary member

Just visiting Melbourne? You may join the library online by clicking on the button below after you have read and accepted the membership conditions. You'll need to confirm your membership at any branch of the library by presenting proof of your identity at which point we will issue you with a library card. Membership of the library service is free to everyone. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 18 years require a signature from their parent or guardian.

This temporary visitor membership will last for 3 months and can be renewed in person at one of our library branches

Conditions of membership

I agree to abide by all City of Melbourne Libraries' policies and conditions of use and
  • accept responsibility for all items borrowed on my card and pay replacement costs plus processing charges for any items lost, stolen or damaged
  • report lost/stolen cards to City of Melbourne Libraries immediately
  • return items on or before the due date or check whether the item can be renewed
  • respect the rights and security of staff and other library users
  • notify City of Melbourne Libraries of any changes to contact details provided
  • There are a number of policies that elaborate on the terms and conditions that you are about to accept. To read these policies please visit the City of Melbourne Libraries' website


Click the button below to accept these conditions and proceed to the registration form.

I accept

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